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The Canal and the Great Wall: A Tale of Two Sites


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Who says UNESCO World Heritage sites don’t play great together? This summer, the friendly cooperation between Canada and China continued full force as the Great Wall of China and the Rideau Canal partook in mutually beneficial promotions in each others’ destinations.

Rideau CanalBadaling, part of the Beijing municipality, is home to the most visited section of the Great Wall, and for a week at the beginning of August, tourists there were greeted with kiosks and travel information about Ottawa and the Rideau Canal. It’s a link between one of the world’s oldest landmarks and one of the world’s youngest attractions, and as Chinese tourists continue to flock to Canada in increasing numbers every year, it’s a partnership that makes sure Ottawa will be a top part of their itineraries.

In exchange, tourists to Ottawa were treated to special features on the Great Wall and Chinese cultural dancing and exhibitions during this year’s Rideau Canal Festival. For those who’ve never had the chance to visit the Great Wall (and I am one of you), you can get a sense of the majesty in the video below, when Ottawa Tourism president Noel Buckley was in Badaling signing the friendship agreement.

Ottawans who love the Rideau Canal can be proud to know she’s getting the exposure she deserves worldwide. This begs another question: is the canal male or female? Feel free to debate below.


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