Ottawa Tourism

The first thing you’ll notice as you drive toward the Canadian War Museum, on the western edge of downtown Ottawa beside the Ottawa River, is the building itself. Its magnificent design — with its low-lying body that suddenly sweeps upward to create a peak that reaches 80 feet into the air — speaks to the theme of regeneration. Inside you’ll find incredible exhibitions that reveal Canada’s involvement in conflicts from the beginning of time until now. Tanks, artillery, combat gear, art and so many more artifacts and collections, bring an added level of realism to the country’s war history.

Fast Facts

  • Opened in 2005, the Museum is the newest national museum and has quickly become a favourite stop for visitors.
  • Small windows on the sides of the Museum’s central copper roof are actually a message in Morse Code – see if you can decipher it!
  • The Museum’s LeBreton Gallery features a vast collection of massive tanks, military vehicles, guns and even a CF-Voodoo jet fighter suspended from the ceiling.
  • Regeneration Hall features a narrow tall window framing the Peace Tower to the east on Parliament Hill.
  • At 11 a.m. each November 11, the sun shines through the window of the Museum’s Memorial Hall and illuminates the only artifact in that space: the headstone of Canada’s Unknown Soldier.
  • 330 original works of art are on display including some massive canvases by some of Canada’s best known artists.
  • Designed by architect Raymond Moriyama, the Canadian War Museum is an energy-efficient facility based on the theme of “regeneration”, and includes the use of river water in the cooling systems, recycled fly ash in the concrete and native self-seeding grasses on the roof.