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Try Archery Games with A Group

Archery Games

Archery Games, located just south of Ottawa’s downtown core at 1860 Bank St., is one of the city’s newest team-building activities.

Opened in August 2015, this Ottawa attraction invites individuals and groups to take aim at each other, with safe arrows of course.

In an interview with Ottawa Tourism, one of Archery Games’ founders, Qi Hu, said that his team discovered this activity while on a trip to Toronto. “We played it and we thought it was so much fun,” he said.

Since opening, Hu noted that Archery Games has been a draw for birthday parties from seven to 40 years old. “It’s a little bit of a physical activity,” Hu said. “So, our numbers drop off a bit past the 40-year-old mark.” He added however that during the day, Archery Games hosts a lot of corporate events.

“I think people sort of enjoy hitting their friends or coworkers with arrows,” Hu said. “It’s a fun skill sport.” He noted that in Ottawa, Archery Games is a new and exciting activity. “Definitely, the best part is getting a great shot at your friend, but not hurting anyone,” he said.

According to Hu, an Archery Games session lasts for 75 minutes. He noted that 25 minutes are allocated to orientation and training and then, 50 minutes are allocated to gameplay. “The games typically run between four and five minutes,” Hu said. “The games have different formats throughout the 50 minutes.” He added that archery tag is a great stress relieving activity. “It’s a good way to do some physical activity, but also to relieve stress.”

One archery tag session can accommodate up to 20 players at once. For larger groups, Hu said, we run a tournament format. Hu noted however that individuals and smaller groups can still play. “We can pair them up with larger groups to have 20 participants per session,” he said.

Thinking of holding your next team-building event here? The fun doesn’t stop at archery tag. In the same building, you’ll find Room Escape Ottawa; an escape room attraction.

Here, your group will be locked into a themed room. Working together, the group will have to find clues and solve puzzles to successfully escape. The Room Escape attraction can accommodate groups as small as two to groups as large as 20 participants.

Hu told Ottawa Tourism that Room Escape Ottawa was the first business to be opened. Then, Archery Games followed. “We leased a big warehouse space to do escape rooms and then, we realized that we had space left,” Hu said. “We played archery tag and we thought it was so much fun. We changed our plans to include both.”

For now, Hu said that groups are welcome to bring in their own food and beverages to complete their events. And though he could not share exact details, Hu mentioned that expansion plans for the business include a restaurant.

Hu noted that visitors to either Archery Games or Room Escape often opt to take part in both activities. Hu said Archery Games is a physical activity, while Room Escape is a mental activity. “It’s fun to be able to do both.” He added that with both activities, the company is able to cover a wide range of demographics. “Our business is pretty simple and it’s pretty fun,” Hu said.

Archery Games and Room Escape Ottawa are open seven days a week. A reservation is recommended.