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Our Communications Team is eager to assist you with your visit and your Ottawa story! Their goal is to make sure that you have all the information you need.

Ottawa Tourism works with its partners at the Destination Canada and Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership (OTMP) and its member organizations to arrange media visits for select representatives of print, online and electronic outlets. A range of assistance is available, including:

  • story ideas
  • access to attractions and events
  • coordination of interviews
  • itinerary planning
  • transportation and accommodation assistance
  • background information and statistics
  • access to images and B-roll
  • fact checking

Various factors will dictate what assistance is provided, including the theme or topic of your report; the outlet in which the coverage will appear; the amount of time we have to coordinate; and the target market of the report, among others.

If you are looking to visit Ottawa, please contact: Jantine Van Kregten, Director of Communications, at [email protected] or 613-237-5150, ext. 1116.

Communications Team
Jantine Van Kregten
Director of Communications
613-237-5150 x1116
Julia Thomson
Corporate Communications Specialist
613-237-5150 x1145
Maïté Aubert-Simard
Project Coordinator, Communications
613-237-5150 x1131