Ottawa Tourism


What are the benefits of membership in Ottawa Tourism?

For detailed information on the benefits of membership to Ottawa Tourism, please visit our Benefits and Options

What is the membership application process?

Applications are reviewed by the membership committee of Ottawa Tourism and must be officially approved by the Board of Directors before a business can begin to receive benefits.

What are the eligibility requirements for membership?

Businesses must have a valid business license and have an office located in the region of Ottawa or the united counties of Prescott/Russell.  Organizations outside of the Ontario tourism region 10 must be deemed an attractor by the Board of Directors.

Is there a fee to be a member?

Take a look at our Membership Rates (.pdf) 

How do I decide which options (convention/leisure and travel trade) I should have for my business?

As each business is unique in its needs. Please contact the membership department to discuss which options maybe most beneficial to your business.

What happens when I become a member?

Once a membership application is approved, businesses will receive a membership handbook, access to the member-only extranet and details of how to update website listings and other publications.  Throughout the year, you will receive opportunities to maximize benefits of membership.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

Members are encouraged to keep Ottawa Tourism advised of any staffing changes as well as keep their profiles up-to-date and refreshed as needed through the member-only extranet.  In order to maximize their partnership, they should also attend networking events and take advantage of other opportunities as they become available.

Where can I find out more information about opportunities benefits?

For information on the opportunity benefits of membership to Ottawa Tourism, please visit our Opportunities page.