Ottawa Tourism

Meet Faya, your Ottawa Tourism Assistant

FayaThis is Faya, your friendly Ottawa Tourism Assistant. Faya offers a fun, new and interactive approach to exploring Ottawa’s museums, cultural sites and top attractions for both Ottawa residents and visitors alike – let her put you to the test and see how many actions you can finish.

And yes, she is a French Bulldog!

Faya invites people to explore nearby sites, like a museum, and challenges you to complete a series of actions – called playlists – all while using Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is find Faya on the Ottawa Tourism Assistant Facebook page, send her a message and share your location for directions to the nearest playlist.

Once you’ve arrived, Faya will send you the playlist actions to complete. Simply take a photo or video of yourself completing the action – say for example, taking a selfie with a dinosaur – and send it back to her for verification. If you successfully complete three actions from the playlist, you’ll unlock a special badge! The goal is to see how many you can collect.


  1. How do I find Faya on Facebook?
    • Search Ottawa Tourism Assistant or L’assistant de Tourisme Ottawa and click “Send Message” to begin your experience with Faya.
  2. How do I complete another action?
    • To move onto the next action in a playlist, type “new”
  3. How do I earn a badge?
    • Complete three actions to earn a unique badge
  4. Where can I see my badges?
    • All of your badges will be saved in Facebook Messenger. To see your badges, open your Messenger conversation with Faya and click “Shared Photos” in the right-hand column
  5. How do I find the playlist closest to me?
    • Share your location for the closest engagement site and directions to get there
  6. What happens to the photos I share with Faya?
  7. What if I run into a technical issue using the Ottawa Tourism Assistant?
    • Type “reset” to reset the chatbot experience; if the issue persists please call MC2 Customer Support at 613-755-4049 for technical assistance.