Ottawa Tourism

Summer Marketing 2017

Ottawa Summer Marketing Plan and Creative Review

Presentation (.pptx)
Presentation (.pdf)

Blocking Chart

Ottawa Tourism  and Ottawa 2017 Blocking Chart (.xlsx)

Ottawa 2017 Marketing & Communications Strategy (.pdf)

Upcoming Creative Mid-May through June

In partnership with Ottawa 2017, Canadian Museum of History, Canadian Museum of Nature, National Gallery of Canada and OTMPC. Creative will be updated to highlight the next set of big events and as dates pass a new event will take its place. For example, when Rally Cross is over something else like La Machine. Additional highlights will include 2017 events as well as other yearly big events and the casino.

Running two spots simultaneously in the market through online video and TV focusing on big events and new museum openings.

English Summer Events Spot:

Museums Spots 3 different commercials:


Similar creative to the museums and events spots will run four weeks of TV in Toronto and Montreal. Two weeks in June and two weeks in July.

Digital Banner Advertising Samples

June 8-page insert

Integration of Ottawa 2017 big events and messages into the Ottawa Tourism 8-page insert in mid-June 2017. The insert will be distributed in daily newspapers in Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Kingston, North Bay and Montreal.

June insert creative draft(.pdf)


Continue to run a significant geo-fencing campaign, capturing and retargeting out of town people with a comeback message focused on La Machine.

Creative Examples:


30-second spot that follows the same creative script as the online video (April and June) in Montreal and Toronto.

April Radio Spot in English (.wav)
April Radio Spot in French (.wav)

Out of Home

In Toronto and Montreal beginning week of June 5. Combination of digital media and traditional posters.

Past program that ran mid-April to mid-May

Some Examples of Spring Creative that Included Summer Events

The Star – sponsored content

Emailer to Ontario Tourism Database


Come Early Stay later (.pdf)