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Ottawa Tourism’s Travel Trade team attends many industry events. Keep an eye out for our energetic team at events such as the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA) Annual Conference and Marketplace!

US Sales Mission with Relate Strategy Group : Feb 11-12 (South Florida)

Sales Blitz – Montreal & Quebec City : Feb 25-27 (Montreal & Quebec City)

RTO Summit West Feb 25-26 (California)

ITB : March 4-8 (Berlin, Germany)

NTA Contact : Mar 18-21 (Anchorage, AK)

Ottawa/Outaouais UK/France Sales Mission : Mar 30-Apr 3 (UK/France)

Active America China : Mar 31-Apr 2 (San Diego, CA)

Sales Blitz – Toronto : Apr 15-17 (Toronto, ON)

Rendez-Vous Canada (RVC) : May 5-8 (Quebec City, QC)

US Sales Mission with Relate Strategy Group : May 13-14 (Virgina)

Sales Blitz – Vancouver : May 27-28 (Vancouver)

SYTA Marketplace : Aug 14-18 (Winnipeg, MB)

Destination Canada Focus Mexico : Aug 18-20 (Mexico)

Destination ON UK Sales Mission : Sept (UK)

Destination ON New York Sales Mission : Sept (New York, NY)

IFTM Top Resa : Sep 22-25 (Paris)

RTO Summit Florida : Oct (Florida)

Destination Canada Showcase China : Nov (China)

US Sales Mission with Relate Strategy Group : Oct 7-8 (Western PA & Eastern Ohio)

Destination Canada Focus Korea : Oct 15-16 (Seoul, South Korea)

Bienvenue Quebec Marketplace : Oct 25-28 (Trois-Riviere, QC)

WTM : Nov (London, UK)

OMCA Marketplace : Nov 8-11 (Niagara Falls, ON)

NTA Travel Exchange – with Sponsorship : Nov 15-19 (Reno, NV)

USTOA : Nov 30-Dec 4 (National Harbour, MD)

CITAP Marketplace : Dec (Vancouver)