Ottawa Tourism

Motor Coach Info

Parking for tour buses in Ottawa is regulated by the City of Ottawa. View the most current information on tour bus parking locations, rates, permits and other details.

Free tour bus parking:

  • LeBreton Flats / Commissioner Street: maximum of 3 hours 
  • LeBreton Flats / Fleet Street: maximum of 3 hours
  • Robert Guertin Center, 125 De Carillon Street, Gatineau, Québec (7 am to 5 pm – Mon to Sun)

Note: Tour bus spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis

Picking Up Passengers at the Ottawa International Airport:

At the Ottawa International Airport, Motor Coaches will pick up passengers in the Pre Arranged Pickup Area located on the inner, Commercial Curb. There are gates located at the entrances to the commercial roadway, and Motor Coaches must go through the gates. Many local and returning Motor Coach companies will have existing agreements in place which will provide them with a transponder or Pin# to open the gates. No advance notice is required (the invoicing is automated and tied back to their accounts via the transponder or Pin).

For Coach companies that don’t have existing accounts in place, they can proceed to one of the commercial roadway entrance gate and use the intercom to gain access to the pickup location. Drivers will then be required to visit the Ground Transportation Counter located in the main arrivals hall to process their fee. For more information or to pre-arrange, contact 613-248-4304 or [email protected].

Picking Up Passengers at the Ottawa Train Station:

Drivers should park their coaches in front of the train station and report immediately to a station attendant for further instruction and assistance.

Important notices: